Victim Service Workers

Victim service workers are trained to help deal with the impact of being a victim of crime. 

To get information, support and a referral to a victim service worker, call VictimLinkBC.

Victims and witnesses can call VictimLink whether or not they have reported the crime to police. 

A victim service worker can provide support services such as:

  • Helping victims talk to police
  • Providing information about the criminal justice system, including help with peace bonds and protection orders
  • Providing court support, including going to court with victims
  • Helping complete a Crime Victim Assistance Program application to apply for benefits
  • Helping to understand and prepare a Victim Impact Statement and an emergency safety plan
  • Talking about the experience and helping people deal with emotions arising from being a victim of crime
  • Notifiying victims about the status of offenders in custody at provincial institutions

To speak with a victim service worker and learn more about how they can help, please call VictimLinkBC.