Domestic Violence: It's Never OK

Domestic violence is not just about physical abuse. It includes any form of violence within a relationship (marriage, common law or dating) - sexual, emotional, financial and psychological, including threats.

Domestic violence and abuse do not discriminate, but they do often escalate. It can be physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal and is often used as a weapon of control and intimidation by a spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-spouse.

Domestic violence can happen even after a relationship is over.

Examples of abusive behaviour include:

  • threats
  • physical violence
  • insulting or degrading comments
  • destroying property or;
  • extreme jealousy.

Help Is Available

If you or someone you know is being abused, get help - do not wait.

If you are in Immediate Danger

Call the police right away - 911

If your community does not have a 911 service, look for the local police emergency phone number on the first page of your phone book under 'Emergency'.