Investigating the Crime - Information for Victims

Last updated on June 8, 2021

An investigation is when the police gather and review evidence and information about a crime or incident so they can establish what happened. Police use this information to help them determine if a criminal offence has been committed and whether or not to recommend to Crown counsel that the accused person be charged with committing a crime.

Usually police officers will talk with the victim, witnesses and others to find out what happened and will fill out a report that includes these details. The officer in charge of investigating the case will also provide his or her name and contact information to you for further communication.

What May Happen Next

For more information about the investigation including possible outcomes and what may happen if the accused is charged with a crime, please visit the following sections on this website:

Going to Court

If Crown counsel decides that the case will go to court then they will begin court proceedings.

More Information

Visit The Court Case (Victim) for more information.