What to Expect if You Report a Crime to the Police

The following generally describes what may happen when you report a crime to the police:

  1. You report a crime to police.
  2. You will be asked to make a statement.
  3. Police investigate the crime and decide whether to recommend to Crown counsel that the accused be charged with committing a crime. Police may also arrest the accused. If the accused is a youth, the police may decide to use extrajudicial measures.
  4. Crown counsel may formally charge the accused if there is a substantial likelihood of conviction and a prosecution is in the public interest. Crown counsel may refer the accused for alternative measures for adults or extrajudicial sanctions for youth or begin court proceedings.
  5. The court decides whether the accused person is guilty or not guilty of committing the crime.
  6. If the accused is found guilty, the court sentences the accused, which may include a custodial sentence, community supervision sentence or a combination of both.

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