Making a Police Statement - Information for Victims

When you report a crime to the police, you will be asked to make a statement. The police will ask you to describe what happened and to tell them any other information you know. Your statement is part of the evidence police will need to investigate what happened.

Some people may feel frightened or nervous about making a statement to police. This is especially true if you are telling them about a crime committed by a loved one or someone you know. The following are some important things to remember.

  • A statement is a written version of what you tell the police happened
  • The police may ask you questions so they can better understand what happened
  • There is no rush, so take your time answering questions
  • Even if what you have to say is difficult or makes you feel embarrassed or scared, it is important to tell the truth. If you fear for your safety because of the information you are giving police, make sure to tell the police your concerns
  • You may bring someone with you when you talk to police
  • You will be asked to sign your statement. Read it carefully and make sure it is correct before you sign. If you need help reading it, tell the police
  • You may find it helpful to write down the police case or file number and the officer’s name

More Information

For more information, please visit: Making a Police Statement (Witness).