Reporting a Crime - Information for Victims

If you choose to come forward and report a crime to police, the information you provide may help bring an offender to justice. It is natural to feel intimidated or uncertain about reporting a crime. But remember, most people who report crimes have not done anything wrong. Even if you are involved, by choosing to report the crime, you are taking a first step in righting the wrong that has been committed.

Several resources, including this website, provide information to help you decide if you want to report the crime and how to report it.

You have a legal obligation to report situations where a child or young person (under 19) needs protection because they, for example, are being abused, neglected or sexually exploited. You must report the matter to the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Please call the Helpline for Children (310-1234, no area code required).

Anybody can report a crime at any time. There is no time limit on reporting a crime.

What is a Crime

A crime is an act that breaks a law that relates to how to behave in society. The harm caused by the act is seen to be against society as a whole, not just a specific person. More specifically, a crime is an act (something you do) or an omission (something you don’t do) that is against the law and is punishable upon conviction. Crime includes:

  • Criminal Code offences against a person or property
  • Drug offences
  • Motor vehicle offences
  • Offences in other provincial and federal statutes

First Step

The first step in reporting a crime is contacting your local police. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911. If your community does not have 911 services, the local police emergency number can be found on the inside front cover of your phone book under emergency numbers.

Making a Police Statement

When you report a crime to police, you will be asked to make a statement. For information about making a police statement, visit Making a Police Statement.

Reporting Through a Third Party

If you are a victim of a sexual offence, you may be able to report the crime through a third party. Third party reporting is when someone other than the victim reports the crime to police. Visit Third Party Reporting for Victims of Sexual Offences for more information.

More Information

Visit Reporting a Crime for more information.