Court forms

You may need to complete and submit (also referred to as “file”) court forms for your legal matter. 

There are many different forms for each types of court matter and for the different levels of court. All B.C. court forms can be found in this section.

Click on the links below or at left to access the forms.

Forms are listed by category:

Criminal court forms (includes Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act matters)

Family court forms (includes protection orders, guardianship, child and spousal support, and divorce)

Provincial family forms (family matters)

Supreme Court family forms (family matters including divorce, adoption and division of family property)

Civil court forms (excluding family):

Small claims forms (claims for debt, damages, recovery of personal property and specific performance of agreements up to $35,000)

Supreme Court civil forms (claims over $35,000)

Probate forms (estates)

Violation ticket forms:

Victims services forms

Court of Appeal (includes appeals from Supreme Court, from Provincial Court on some criminal matters, and reviews and appeals from some administrative boards and tribunals)