Access court records

Last updated on November 8, 2023

Individuals and parties involved in a criminal or civil court matter are entitled to view and make copies of documents in their court file. 

Public access to court files

Court files contain many different documents about a legal matter. Access to court files and documents by the public is determined by policies set by the Court of Appeal, BC Supreme Court and the Provincial Court. The policies provide direction on access to criminal, family and civil court records.

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How to access court files

There are several ways to access a court file:

  • visit the court registry where the matter was heard;
  • write or fax a letter to the court registry where the matter was heard, (requests for court documents cannot be emailed);
    Find a local court registry
  • view and download documents online through Court Services Online (only certain documents can be viewed or downloaded).  A fee may apply.
Records access policies

Access to court files is determined by the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of BC or the Provincial Court of BC.

BC Secure File Transfer Service (SFTS)

Accredited media may receive court records sent from court registries via the BC Secure File Transfer Service.

BC Secure File Transfer Service (SFTS) Guide

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