Provincial family forms

Family court forms

Provincial court family filings:

  • accepting and processing of all new filings submitted through regular mail, fax or email.

Note: prescribed forms are identified under the related Act, Regulation or Rule.

  • PCFR - Provincial Court Family Rules (FLA - Family Law Act, FMEA - Family Maintenance Enforcement Act)
    **Note: If preparing an affidavit or order, the document must contain the wording and formatting in the prescribed form. When the self-prepared form is being submitted by email or other electronic methods, the document must be submitted as a PDF.
  • General

Additional forms, under other Acts / Legislation that may be used in family court:

  • AGA - Provincial Court (Adult Guardianship) Rules (Adult Guardianship Act)
  • CFCSA - Provincial Court (Child, Family and Community Service Act) Rules (Child, Family and Community Services Act)
  • COEA - Court Order Enforcement Act
  • FMEA - Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
  • FMEAR - Family Maintenance Enforcement Act Regulation
  • ISOA - Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act


Adobe Reader required

You will require the latest version of Adobe Reader in order to use the forms. If you need to update your Reader software, please ensure you remove the old version of Reader before installing the new one. You may also want to be sure that your computer is not starting Adobe Acrobat instead of Reader when opening the forms.

The basic PDF forms are fairly straightforward to use:

  • open the form
  • fill out the blanks fields (you can either type or cut and paste text from another document)
  • save the form to your computer (any data you have entered into the forms will be saved)

If Adobe Acrobat is not the default program to open PDF files, this can be easily changed.

If you continue to have difficulty using the forms after following these steps above, please contact: 

Provincial Court Family Rules

Affidavit - general (Form 45, PFA762)  (see **Note above)

Affidavit of personal service (Form 48, PFA765)

Affidavit of personal service of protection order (Form 49, PFA766)

Application about a family law matter (Form 3, PFA712)

Application about enforcement (Form 29, PFA725)

Application about priority parenting matter (Form 15, PFA722)

Application about a protection order (Form 12, PFA720)

Application for a family law matter consent order (Form 17, PFA723)

Application for case management order (Form 10, PFA717)

Application for case management order without notice or attendance (Form 11, PFA718)

Application for garnishment, summons or warrant (Form 30, PFA749)

Application for order prohibiting the relocation of a child (Form 16, PFA724)

Application for order under the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act (Form 35, PFA754)

Application for permission and review of family justice manager order or direction (Form 9, PFA746)

Certificate of service (Form 7, PFA714)

Consent adjournment (PFA920)

Consent order (Form18, PFA739)  (see **Note above)

Consent to an informal trial (PFA709) (Kamloops Registry ONLY)

Electronic Filing Statement (Form 51, PFA768)

Fax filing cover page (Form 52, PFA734)

Financial statement (Form 4, PFA713)

Guardianship affidavit (Form 5, PFA733)

Information form for appointment of lawyer for child (PFA923)

Notice by advertisement (Form 47, PFA764)

Notice of address change (Form 46, PFA763)

Notice of discontinuance (Form 50, PFA767)

Notice of exemption from parenting education program (Form 20, PFA740)

Notice of intention to proceed (Form 2, PFA711)

Notice of lawyer for child (Form 40, PFA758)

Notice of lawyer for party (Form 42, PFA760)

Notice of participation (PFA747)

Notice of removal of lawyer for child (Form 41, PFA759)

Notice of removal of lawyer for party (Form 43, PFA761)

Notice to resolve a family law matter (Form 1, PFA710) (Victoria and Surrey registry only)

Order - general (Form 44, PFA719)  (see **Note above)

Recognizance - FMEA (Form 36, PFA755)

Referral request (Form 21, PFA741)

Reply to a counter application (Form 8, PFA716)

Reply to an application about a family law matter (Form 6, PFA715)

Request for protection order registry search (PFA914)

Request for scheduling (Form 39, PFA732)

Request for service of documents (PFA110)

Request for service of family protection order (PFA916)

Request to file a determination of parenting coordinator (Form 27, PFA744)

Request to file an agreement (Form 26, PFA736)

Request to file an order (Form 28, PFA745)

Restraining order - FMEA (Form 37, PFA756)

Section 51 - consent for child protection record check (Form 5 - Regulations)

Subpoena to witness (Form 23, PFA748)

Summons - general (Form 31, PFA750)

Summons to a committal hearing (Form 34, PFA753)

Summons to a default hearing (Form 33, PFA752)

Trial readiness statement (Form 22, PFA735)

Written response to application (Form 19, PFA731)


Case information form (PFA826)

Choose which ISO form to use (PFA886)

Order for attendance of a prisoner in a civil or family matter (PFA876)

Request to be heard by teleconference or videoconference (PFA893)

Requisition (PFA907)

Additional forms

Adult Guardianship Act

Access order (AGA Form 13, PFA859)

Affidavit (AGA Form 10, PFA850)

Application to obtain an order (AGA Form 1, PFA842)

Application to renew, change or cancel an order (AGA Form 3, PFA843)

Application for consent order (AGA Form 5, PFA845)

Application for other orders (AGA Form 4, PFA844)

Certificate of service (AGA Form 12, PFA853)

Consent order (AGA Form 6, PFA846)

Fax cover sheet (for use when transmitting to court registries) (AGA Form 11, PFA852)

Interim restraining order or restraining order (AGA Form 14, PFA855)

Notice to appear (AGA Form 2, PFA847)

Order (AGA Form 17, PFA856)

Order renewing, changing or cancelling an order (AGA Form 16, PFA861)

Subpoena (AGA Form 9, PFA851)

Support and assistance order (AGA Form 15, PFa854)

Warrant to enter for purpose of interview (PDF) (AGA Form 18, PFA858)

Child, Family and Community Service Act

Affidavit  (CFCSA Form 7, PFA899)

Application for an order (CFCSA Form 2, PFA895)

Application to change method of attendance (CFCSA Form 10.5, PFA771)

Application to change or cancel an order (CFCSA Form 3, PFA100)

Certificate of service (CFCSA Form 9, PFA901)

Consent adjournment (CFCSA Form 10.2, PFA706)

Notice of address for service (CFCSA Form 8, PFA900)

Notice of lawyer of record for party (CFCSA Form 10.3, PFA707)

Notice of removal of lawyer of record for party (CFCSA 10.4, PFA708)

Presentation (CFCSA, Form 1)

Subpoena (CFCSA Form 4, PFA896)

Written consent (PDF) (CFCSA Form 11, PFA902)

Court Order Enforcement Act

Affidavit in support of garnishing order (COEA Form B, PFA078)

Family Maintenance Enforcement Act

Recognizance (PCFR Form 36, PFA755)

Restraining Order (PCFR Form 37, PFA756)

Statement of arrears (sworn) (FMEAR schedule, PFA820)

Statement of finances (FMEAR Schedule, PFA073)

Statement of income and expenses (FMEA, PFA822)

Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act

Respondent's response to application (ISOA Form L)

Find other ISOA forms on the Ministry of Attorney General's Interjurisdictional Support Orders website.