Courthouse services

There are 89 court locations throughout the province, 43 of which include court registries. Registries provide services to the public and legal community, including starting a court action, filing court documents, accessing court file information, paying fines or requesting information on court processes.

Jury duty

A jury is a group of people who have been selected to observe a trial in a court of law. A jury may be called for either a criminal or civil trial, or a Coroner's inquest.

Courthouse roles and responsibilities

This section provides information about what services are available in court registries and how courthouses are kept safe and secure.  You can learn about the roles and responsibilities of courthouse staff and career opportunities.

File court documents and forms/access court records and transcripts

In this section you can find information about submitting court documents and forms and learn how to request a court transcript.  Information on who can access court files is also included here.

Daily court lists

Looking for the location and time of court proceedings happening today?  Use the daily court lists to find the schedule for court proceedings happening across the province.

Fines, payments and traffic tickets

This section includes information on paying or disputing a provincial violation or federal contravention violation ticket, and legally encumbered payments and garnishments.

Arrange an interpreter

Interpreters make sure people who have difficulty understanding or speaking English or deaf and hard of hearing persons can understand court proceedings, and that those present in court can understand testimony that is given.

Court bailiffs

The execution of court orders issued in a civil proceeding can only be performed by court bailiffs under contract with the Ministry of Attorney General.