Criminal court forms

Last updated on April 2, 2024

Access order (digital audio recording - CD, ADM861)

Application by a young person for a youth sentence (YTH801)

Application for a summons under section 485.2 of the criminal code (PCR798)

Application for a summons under section 485.2 of the criminal code by telecommunication that produces a writing (PCR795)

Application for review of custodial youth sentence (YTH803)

Application for review of non-custodial youth sentence (YTH081)

Application to a judge (PCR315)

Application to a judge/justice under the Sex Offender Information Registration Act (PCR875)

Application to a youth justice court judge (YTH080)

Application to change the time to pay (ADM312)

Application to render accused by surety pursuant to s. 766(1) of the Criminal Code (PCR967)

Application to unseal adult criminal file for travel (PCR958)

Application to vary bail by consent (PCR317)

Application to vary or revoke publication ban under section 486.51 (PCR318)

Application to vary or revoke publication ban under section 486.51 - information sheet (ADM318)

Consent arraignment  (Form 4, CPD-1)

Consent remand (Form 3, CPD-1)

Consent requisition (Form 1, CPD-1)

Counsel designation notice (PCR860)

Court record access request form (for criminal and civil proceedings)

Court videoconference request form (ADM509)

Courtroom equipment request form for criminal court proceedings (ADM849)

Notice of application to adjourn (PCR134)

Notice of change of personal information (PCR115)

Notice of election or re-election and consent to re-election (PCR864)

Notice of electronic mail address and consent (ADM882)

Notice of non-opposition to an adult sentence  (YTH802)

Notice of withdrawal of designated counsel (PCR861)

Notice to attend a conference ordered by a youth justice court judge (YTH031)

Notice to change a conditional sentence order (PCR113)

Order for attendance of a prisoner (PCR048)

Order for attendance of a prisoner (habeas corpus application) (SUP823)

Order for attendance of a young person (YTH032)

Pre-trial conference report (CRIM 12) (PCR969) and Pre-trial conference checklist (CRIM 12) (PCR969a)

Reference to a provincial court judge - Firearms Act (PCR886)

Request to consider electronic supervision (PCR970)

Request for remote attendance by the accused/young person for resolution of criminal matter (persons out of custody) (PCR968) (Revised September 2023)

Request for waiver (PCR301)

Statement identifying issues and witnesses (Form 2 (CRIM 12))

Subpoena to a witness (PCR908)

Surety declaration (PCR965, Form 12)

Synopsis of crown case (Form 1 (CRIM 12))

Undertaking of accredited media (digital audio recording - file transfer protocol) (ADM864b)

Undertaking of counsel (digital audio recording - CD,  ADM859)

Criminal Rules of the Supreme Court of British Columbia forms

Certificate of service (Form 2)

Crown appeals against acquittal order staying proceedings or sentence (Form 4)

Notice of abandonment of appeal (Form 5)

Notice of appeal (Form 3)

Notice of application (Form 1)

Notice of application for extension or reduction of time to appeal (Form 6)

Notice of application for release from custody pending determination of appeal or stay of probation order or driving prohibition (Form 7)

B.C.'s criminal justice system

The criminal justice system is a foundation of Canadian society.  It plays an important part in maintaining a just, peaceful and safe society.  It does this by maintaining public safety, enforcing laws and protecting people's rights.

Victim Impact Statements

A Victim Impact Statement is a written description of how a crime has affected the victim. A Victim Impact Statement does not include a description of the crime or how the crime occurred.  That information should be included in your witness statement to the police.