For Archaeology Professionals

Archaeologists help identify, record, an assess sites to ensure they are protected for their value to First Nations and other British Columbians.    

Archaeological Assessments & Studies

Archaeological assessments and studies help determine what impact proposed projects will have on known or unknown archaeological sites.

Archaeological Bulletins, Guides, and Policies

Archaeological bulletins, guides, templates and policies provide clarification about, and direction on, the protection, conservation, and public appreciation of B.C.'s archaeological resources.  

Archaeological Data & Site Records

Archaeological data and site records are available to specific groups to facilitate land management decisions, and archaeological research.

Learn more about the ways you can access and request archaeological information.

Archaeological Permits

Archaeological sites in B.C. are protected under the Heritage Conservation Act, whether they are known or unknown, and on both private and crown land. Protected archaeological sites may not be altered or changed in any manner without a permit.