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Last updated on March 4, 2024

Archaeologists help identify, record, and assess sites to ensure they are protected for their value to First Nations and other British Columbians. Resource management professionals ensure responsible land use planning and management is carried out.

This page contains information and resources to help archaeology professionals do their work.

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Access to systems, data, and site records

The archaeology branch administers 3 systems that provide archaeological data to qualified parties: 

  1. Archaeological Permit Tracking System (APTS)
    • An online client portal that professional consulting archaeologists use to submit applications and manage files throughout their lifecycles.
  2. Provincial Archaeological Report Library (PARL)
    • An online permit report library that authorized users can log in to and search, view, download, or order archaeological reports.
  3. Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD)
    • An online GIS application that authorized users can access to view, select, and download spatial and tabular data about archaeological sites in B.C.

To obtain access to our systems, you will have to submit a signed form to the Archaeology Branch. The Request System Access page contains the latest form, and will help you apply for the access you need.

If you are not qualified for systems access, or are unable to gather the data and site records that you need, you can request archaeological information directly from the branch. 

Archaeology branch email addresses

Please contact the Branch email addresses below for the concerns listed directly below them.

  • General Archaeology Branch inquiries
  • Systems issues and suggestions
  • Website issues and suggestions
  • Emergency notifications
  • Main contact for BC Coroners Service
  • Help routing your request if you are unsure

  • Requests for information unavailable on RAAD or PARL
  • Information sharing agreements for systems access

  • General Permitting & Assessment Section inquiries
  • Permit amendments (cc Project Officer)
  • Notices of Intent (cc Project Officer)
  • Emergency permitting issues (cc Project Officer)

  • Spatial file submissions for: 
    • Study Areas
    • Subsurface Test Areas
    • Areas of Potential

  • General Archaeological Inventory Section inquiries
  • Site form package submissions
  • Site record issues

Natural Resource Violation Form or Tip Line (1-877-952-7277, Option 2)

  • Reporting HCA contraventions

Archaeology newsletters

The Archaeology Branch provides 3 newsletters for individuals that regularly participate in the archaeological consultative, permitting, or data submission processes.

Assessments and studies

Archaeological assessments and studies help determine what impact proposed projects will have on known or unknown archaeological sites. Browse our assessments and studies page for more descriptive context, or skip to the study type you're looking for:

Bulletins and policies

Archaeology policies and their supporting bulletins provide direction and clarifications about how to protect and conserve B.C.'s archaeological resources in accordance with the Heritage Conservation Act. All of these policies and bulletins, including archived bulletins, are included on our bulletins and policies page.

Forms, Guides and Templates

Our forms, guides and templates page is a comprehensive document library that includes

  • Archaeological assessment forms and guides
  • Archaeological MOUs and agreements
  • Archaeological resource management guides
  • Culturally Modified Tree guides
  • Forestry guides
  • Home owner and property development guides
  • Local government guides
  • Permit application templates
  • Permit forms and guides
  • Permit tracking system
  • Shipwreck guides
  • Site Inventory forms and guides

If there is a document you would like to see added, please contact with your recommendation.


All archaeological sites in B.C. are protected under the Heritage Conservation Act, and may not be altered or changed in any manner without a permit. This applies whether sites are located on public or private land, and whether the site is known or unknown. 

Our archaeology permits page provides the context you'll need to discern what you'll need to apply for, and all of the permit-related forms, applications, and guides can be found on our forms, guides and templates page.

Professional consulting archaeologists are allowed to submit applications and track permits via the Archaeological Permit Tracking System (APTS). To obtain access to APTS, you will have to submit a signed form to the Archaeology Branch. The Request System Access page contains the latest form, and will help you apply for the access you need.

Contact information

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Archaeology Branch
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