For crown land and natural resource use

Managing impacts to protected archaeological sites is a legislated requirement in B.C.

This means that companies and individuals engaged in natural resource extraction must take steps to identify any protected archaeological sites that will be directly or indirectly disturbed by operational activities.

The following resources are available to help meet this requirement.

Last updated: February 18, 2021

Access to archaeological data and site records

Prior to planning activities on the land base, natural resource companies can request a records check of potential, or known, protected archaeological site information by submitting an Archaeological Information Request Form

Qualified users can also access the reports and spatial data contained in our our RAAD and PARL systems.

Guides and handbooks

Information about archaeological permits

Any alterations within a protected archaeological site require a permit. For more information about permit types and requirements, visit our Archaeological permits page.

If you are aware of a non-permitted site alteration, please report it to the archaeology branch through our Report a contravention page.

Information about assessments and studies

Archaeological assessments and studies help determine what impact proposed projects will have on known or unknown archaeological sites. See our Archaeological assessments and studies page for more information.

What to do if you discover human remains 

If you find archaeological human remains during the course of a permitted project on crown land, contact us. The archaeology branch will help to ensure remains are handled in accordance with the methods specified in the permit and respect the expressed wishes of the cultural group represented, to the extent that these may be known or feasible.