Request Archaeological Information

There are several ways that archaeological site data can be obtained by interested parties.

Submit an Archaeological Information Request

Archaeological information is available in certain situations to specific individuals or groups like private property owners, industry or land title conveyance professionals, and governments.

Submit an online request to receive information and advice about archaeological sites within your property or project area. You will be asked to agree to the information request's terms and conditions governing data sharing and access. 

Please note, the service is free of charge. A response will typically be returned within 1-3 weeks. For faster service, a professional consulting archaeologist can provide the information you require.

Request Access to the Provincial Archaeological Report Library (PARL)

Authorized users can search, view, download and order archaeological reports through the provincial archaeological report library.

Request Access to the Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD) application

Remote Access to Archaeological Date (RAAD) is a web-based application that enables authorized users to view, select, and download information about archaeological sites in B.C. Users can perform various searches and export spatial and tabular data in a variety of formats.