Wildfire Management

Our forests and wildlands cover over 94 million hectares (nearly a million square kilometres) with approximately 2,000 wildfires occurring each year. Thanks to the efforts of the BC Wildfire Service the majority of these fires are contained within 24 hours.


Wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility between the public, business, local governments and the Province. The BC Wildfire Service has a multi-pronged approach to prevention that includes education, enforcement and engineering (i.e. planning for and implementing fuel and fire management).


The BC Wildfire Service is internationally recognised as a leader in wildfire management and is known for its skilled and committed personnel, uncompromising safety attitude, and innovative use of technology.


The BC Wildfire Service is tasked with managing wildfires through a combination of wildfire prevention, mitigation and suppression strategies, on both Crown and private lands outside of organised areas such as municipalities or regional districts.


In addition to a team of permanent staff which includes safety and training personnel, wildfire and fuel management experts, support and administrative staff, the BC Wildfire Service employs approximately 1,600 seasonal personnel each year.

Contract Opportunities

The Province regularly calls on the services of contractors to support the delivery of cost effective and efficient wildfire management in British Columbia.

Contact Information

Contact the BC Wildfire Service to report a wildfire; register a burn; with your wildfire comments and questions; or, to send a message to our firefighters.