Wildfire Status

Search wildfire and emergency preparedness information

Report a Wildfire

To report a wildfire or irresponsible behaviour call 1 800 663-5555 or *5555 from a cell phone. Information from the public is crucial to ensuring wildfires are responded to as soon as possible.

Current Wildfire Situation

The latest information on the current wildfire situation in British Columbia, including Wildfires of Note

Information Bulletins

This section contains both current and archived BC Wildfire Service information bulletins and news releases regarding wildfire issues of interest. The releases are listed, starting with the most recent.

Fire Bans and Restrictions

It’s your responsibility to know what the current bans and restrictions are for the use of fire in your area. Serious fines and penalties can result for not adhering to these rules while in the jurisdiction of the BC Wildfire Service.


Wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility between the public, business, local governments and the Province. The BC Wildfire Service has a multi-pronged approach to prevention that includes education, enforcement and engineering (i.e. planning for and implementing fuel and fire management).

Fire Danger

Weather has a significant impact on wildfires – in how they start, how aggressively they spread, and how long they burn. Find out the current fire danger rating in your area and other information about fire weather.

Wildfire Statistics

The BC Wildfire Service compiles statistics daily, throughout the fire season. View the latest wildfire statistics to find out how many new wildfires have started and the number of wildfires and hectares burned in B.C. to date.

Wildfire Management

The BC Wildfire Service is tasked with managing wildfires through a combination of wildfire prevention, mitigation and suppression strategies, on both Crown and private lands outside of organised areas such as municipalities or regional districts.