Wildfire Response

Handheld radio with dense smoke above a forest fire in the background.

The BC Wildfire Service employs skilled personnel to detect, monitor and respond to an average of 1,600 wildfires per year.

bc wildfire service what is a wildfire

All about wildfire

Wildfires are unplanned and dynamic. They change over time based on the weather, available fuel and the landscape. BC Wildfire Service monitors fire behaviour and uses expert advice to determine how to respond to a wildfire. 

bc wildfire service how wildfire is managed

How wildfire is managed

Wildfire management is a year-round activity. The basic principle of wildfire management and response is to remove heat, fuel or oxygen. Strategies and tactics vary based on the size, intensity and location of a fire.

firefighters and response tools

Wildfire personnel and response tools

The BC Wildfire Service relies on thousands of people each year to respond to wildfires. This includes firefighters, air crew, equipment operators and support staff.

bc wildfire service what causes a wildfire

Wildfire causes

Wildfires in B.C. are caused by one of two things: lightning or human activity.

bc wildfire service wildfire detection

How wildfire is detected

Detecting wildfires early is critical for success. BC Wildfire Service detects wildfires using a variety of traditional and innovative methods, such as air patrols and infrared scanning.

bc wildfire service investigates fire cause

Wildfire investigations

The cause of a wildfire is determined by professional investigators. Investigators may work together across several agencies.

bc wildfire service how you can help

How you can help

You are the biggest asset to BC Wildfire Service. By reporting wildfires, using FireSmart techniques and following directions from authorities, you can help wildfire prevention and response in B.C.