Module 2 - Search

Last updated on March 25, 2022

Overview of Module 2

First time using SPAR? We recommend starting with the Search Module and working your way through the topics. This Search Module speeds up your introduction to how the Search functions look and work. It includes:

  • Search Basics: How to use the search functions, what buttons mean, and how to enter data
  • Lot Search:
    • Overview and how to complete a Lot Search
    • Viewing Lot Search results
  • Suitable Seed/Vegetative Lot Search for CBST:
    • Overview and how to complete a Seed/Vegetative Lot Search
    • Viewing Seed/Vegetative Lot Search results
  • Client Search:
    • Overview and how to search for contact information for a client in SPAR
    • Viewing Client Search results
  • Seedlot Search for CBST Alternatives:
    • How to locate seed or vegetative lots that could be used in an Alternative to the Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use
    • Viewing and printing search results

For demos of a sample Lot Search and Seed/Vegetative Lot Search, view Tutorials Demonstrations.

For an additional resource, use the SPAR User Help Guide in the SPAR Application.

Contact Information

If you are having problems using SPAR and can't find the answers in this Tutorial or on SPAR's online Help Guide, contact: