Seed Planning & Registry Application (SPAR)

SPAR is a web-based information management system. It provides clients with direct online access to

  • A Provincial Registry of Forest Tree Seed and
  • A comprehensive seedling request system for meeting annual reforestation needs.
The application consists of the following main components:
  • Tree seed and vegetative lot registry
    Enter and maintain seed and vegetative lot information and queries.
  • Requests
    Seedling requests, direct seed withdrawals, cone and seed processing, testing, and other services. Requests are entered through SPAR and downloaded to the Cone and Seed Processing System (CONSEP) at the Tree Seed Centre. SPAR guides the user through selection of a suitable lot in a request using the transfer rules found in the Chief Forester’s Standards for Seed Use.
  • Reporting
    Generate SPAR reports in pdf format via submission screens. Data extracts can also be produced in MS Excel (csv) format.

SPAR Training Tools

Note:  SPAR Online Help and Tutorials are under revision in 2019 to include several changes.

1. SPAR Training Videos

2. The SPAR Online Help Guide  offers comprehensive help with screens and functions in the SPAR application.

To access help:
- click on the HELP icon on any page of SPAR for context-sensitive help. 
- open the guide's table of contents by clicking on the SHOW hyperlink on any page in the guide.
- click the link on this page.

3. The SPAR Primer on Seedlots and Seedling Requests - Oct 2018

4. SPAR Learning Map

A guide to the help tools available.
- a section of the tutorial
- the appropriate online help chapter
- a demonstration of the function in SPAR.

5. The SPAR Quick Start Tutorial is a useful way to quickly "get up to speed" on all functions for first-time SPAR users. The tutorial can be completed in one sitting, or one module at a time.

6. The SPAR Reports Matrix provides a description of each report and who the report is intended for.