Seed use and seed planning

Seed Planning is an important step in meeting British Columbia's forest stewardship and genetic resource management (GRM) objectives.

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Seed selection

Seed used in Crown land reforestation must meet the requirements set out in the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA) and its regulations, and in the Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use. This will ensure regenerated stands are genetically diverse, adapted, healthy and productive, now and in the future.

Suitable seed and vegetative lots are selected based on their genetic suitability, matching genetic source to planting sites. In addition, they must be of a high quality and available in sufficient quantities to meet the specific stocking and forest health needs of a given planting site.

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CBST Seedlot Selection tool

The CBST Seedlot Selection tool (hosted by Forsite Consultants Limited) supports the CBST Project with the testing and verification of the science foundation and in the development of policy, including support for impact and gap analyses, stakeholder engagement, and in the development of mitigation options. The CBST Seedlot Selection tool is updated to coincide with amendments to the Standards or Seed Use (e.g. changes to CBST Areas of Use) 

Climate Based Seed Transfer Seedlot Selection Tool

Climate Comparison tool

The CBST Climate Comparison tool (developed by Greg O'Neill) provides users the ability to compare the climate space of a plantation ("I have a cutlock") or a seed source ("I have a Seedlot") under CBST with a climate space of interest (BEC variant entered by the user). The generated output allows users to compare any variances that may exist across a number of climate variables.

CBST Climate Comparison Tool (PDF, 135KB)

Seed Supply and Demand Dashboard

This dashboard shows the historic and forecast seedling demand and seed orchard supply for each tree species. This Dashboard contains two graphs. The top graph shows the historic planting from RESULTS and the forecast seedling needs to 2040 by species and BEC variant. The bottom graph contains the historic and forecast seed orchard production for the same species and BEC variants selected.

Seed Supply and Demand Dashboard

Seed Orchard Dashboard

The Seed Orchard Dashboard look similar to the FGC Species Plans. This dashboard includes data each orchard including its deployment area, actual and forecast production, seedling conversion factors, number of parents, genetic traits, and contact information.

Seed Orchard Dashboard