Tree Species Compendium Index

Compendium Index 

From BC Tree Atlas

The Distribution and Synopsis of Ecological and Silvical Characteristics of Tree Species of British Columbia (2000) which was used as the basis for the tree species compendia.

This compendium is provided for reference and is not the only source of relevant information that may be considered when making decisions about tree species feasibility and suitability.

Ba Amabilis fir   details Abies amabilis
Bg Grand fir   details Abies grandis
Bl Subalpine fir   details Abies lasiocarpa
Cw Western redcedar   details Thuja plicata
Fd Douglas fir   details Pseudotsuga menziesii
Hm Mountain hemlock   details Tsuga mertensiana
Hw Western hemlock   details Tsuga heterophylla
Jr Rocky Mountain juniper   details Juniperus scopulorum
La Subalpine larch   details Larix lyallii
Lt Tamarack   details Larix laricana
Lw Western larch   details Larix occidentalis
Pa Whitebark pine   details Pinus albicaulis
Pf Limber pine   details Pinus flexilis
Pj Jack pine   details Pinus banksiana
Pl Lodgepole pine   details Pinus contorta
Pw Western white pine   details Pinus monticola
Py Ponderosa pine   details Pinus ponderosa
Sb Black spruce   details Picea mariana
Se Engelmann spruce   details Picea engelmannii
Ss Sitka spruce   details Picea sitchensis
Sw White spruce   details Picea glauca
Tw Western yew   details Taxus brevifolia
Yc Alaska yellow cedar   details Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Acb Balsam poplar   details Populus balsamifera
Act Black cottonwood   details Populus trichocarpa
At Trembling aspen   details Populus tremuloides
Dr Red alder   details Alnus rubra
Ea Alaska birch   details Betula neoalaskana
Ep Paper birch   details Betula papyrifera
Gp Western flowering dogwood   details Cornus nuttallii
Kc Cascara sagrada   details Rhamnus purshiana
Mb Bigleaf maple   details Acer macrophyllum
Qg Garry oak   details Quercus garryana
Ra Arbutus   details Arbutus menziesii
Vb Bitter cherry   details Prunus emarginata
Xc1 Mountain alder   details Alnus tenuifolia

Mountain Alder is not assigned a tree code in the BC TREE CODES LIST. It is assigned Xc1 for the purposes of this compendium.