BC Timber Sales - Seaward-tlasta Forest Stewardship Plan Replacement

Opportunity for Review and Comment

The Seaward-tlasta Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP), in the BC Timber Sales (BCTS) Seaward-tlasta business area, shows the location of forest development units in the North Island-Central Coast natural resource district and portions of Campbell River natural resource district.

The Seaward-tlasta FSP provides the results and strategies BCTS will follow to ensure sustainable forest management and meet the legal requirements of the Forest and Range Practices Act and regulations.

Natural Resource District: North Island-Central Coast and portions of Campbell River
Plan: DRAFT Seaward-tlasta FSP #TBD (PDF, 1.6MB)
Effective Date: TBD (2024-2029)
Maps: Seaward-tlasta FSP Maps 

NOTE: Due to the large file size of the FDU maps it is recommended that you download the FDU maps and open them within a PDF viewing application. Some users may experience issues when attempting to open the FDU maps in a web browser via the hyperlinks.

Stocking Standards:

Written comments must be received on or before November 5, 2023 to ensure they are given consideration prior to final submission of the FSP.