BC Timber Sales - Cariboo-Chilcotin Forest Stewardship Plan #828

The Cariboo-Chilcotin Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP), in the BC Timber Sales (BCTS) Cariboo-Chilcoltin business area, shows the location of forest development units in the Williams Lake TSA, Quesnel TSA and portions of the Cascadia TSA within the boundaries of the Quesnel Natural Resources District.  

The Cariboo-Chilcotin FSP provides the results and strategies BCTS will follow to ensure sustainable forest management and meet the legal requirements of the Forest and Range Practices Act and regulations.

Public Review

The public is invited to review the 2020-2025 Cariboo-Chilcotin FSP. The plan specifies the results, strategies and measures that BCTS must achieve in order to be consistent with government objectives for soils, timber, wildlife, water, fish, visual quality, cultural heritage, recreation, invasive plants and natural range barriers.

Individuals may view the FSP in person Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30pm at the BCTS offices in Quesnel (322 Johnston Avenue) or in Williams Lake (640 Borland Street).  However, an appointment by calling (236) 713-2233 Quesnel or (250) 398-4512 Williams Lake must be made in advance as COVID-19 protocols will apply. 

Alternatively, the FSP can be viewed online.

For any concerns or comments please contact Wilf Goerwell, RPF, Planning Officer, by email at Wilf.Goerwell@gov.bc.ca, or by mail to: Attention: Wilf Goerwell, BC Timber Sales, 200- 640 Borland, Street, Williams Lake, BC , V2G 4T1


Natural Resource District: Cariboo-Chilcotin
Plan: DRAFT: BCTS - Cariboo-Chilcotin Business Area FSP #828  (PDF, 4MB)
Plan Status: Under public consultation
Maps: Cariboo-Chilcotin FSP Map (PDF,18MB)
Supporting Document: Cariboo-Chilcotin FSP Supporting Document (PDF)