Institutional partnerships

Feed BC is growing a broad base of support in B.C.’s public sector and beyond to build demand and partnerships that increase B.C. foods. Feed BC partners are actively working through various channels to bring more B.C. food to facilities and programs. 

Partner tools and resources

In addition to the Feed BC Partner Guide, program standards and partnership streams, Feed BC is building and offering tools, resources and individualized supports to encourage, inspire and support local food shifts in public institutions and beyond. Some of these include:

1. Guidance for bringing more B.C. food to facilities and programs:

2. Finding and sourcing B.C. foods:

3. Gap analysis and knowledge-transfer studies and webinars:

4. Education, pilot projects and training opportunities:

5. Membership in a growing network of B.C. public institutions and food supply chain partners
working together towards shared goals of increasing local foods, economic opportunities, and provincial food system resilience