Feed BC and the BC Food Hub Network

Feed BC and the BC Food Hub Network help connect B.C. producers and processors to supply chain partners, infrastructure, training and technology to support business growth and more market opportunities in regions across the province.

Increasing the variety and amount of B.C. food available in our regions helps build jobs, economic development and provincial food system resilience.

Feed BC

Feed BC is a provincial government initiative led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, to encourage, inspire and support a shift to more B.C. food in hospitals, residential care facilities, public post-secondary institutions, and other government-supported facilities.

Students in cafeteriat

Through Feed BC, the Ministry works across government and with public sector, industry, and agriculture sector partners to:

  • Increase awareness and demand for B.C. food products in public institutions and beyond;
  • Support the capacity and market-readiness of B.C. food and beverage producers and processors;
  • Grow ‘value chain’ innovation and supply chain solutions to connect B.C. demand with B.C. foods; and
  • Measure, report on and promote Feed BC progress and partnerships.

Increasing B.C. food in public institutions in our regions:

  • Supports jobs and businesses for farmers, fishers, ranchers and food processors across B.C.;
  • Builds the provincial food supply and food system resilience;
  • Connects patients, residents, students, workers and clients to local food; and
  • Supports economic development in all regions of the province.

The BC Food Hub Network

Please see BC Food Hub Network for information about B.C.’s new regional processing infrastructure and resources that support the agriculture and food sector.