Feed BC Partner Guide for Public Institutions

The Feed BC Partner Guide provides information on Feed BC and partnership opportunities for government-supported institutions, facilities, programs and services working to increase the use of B.C. food. The guide introduces Feed BC, what it means to be a Feed BC partner institution, and describes Feed BC resources and tools.

Feed BC Partner Guide

Feed BC partnership streams

Feed BC partners actively work through various channels to bring more B.C. food to facilities and programs. Partners commit to advancing activities in one or more of the Feed BC partnership streams: 

1. Tracking and sourcing more B.C. food:

Commitment to track and source towards at least 30% B.C. food expenditures over time. Partners commit to Feed BC’s minimum standards and targets and work to actively source and track their progress over time.

2. Innovative B.C. food initiatives:

Commitment to implement B.C. food initiatives that help increase B.C. foods.

Partners actively work on B.C./local food innovation and initiatives that introduce more of these foods to facilities, programs and services.

3. B.C. food education and awareness:

Education and promotion to grow awareness and the local food culture in public institutions. Partners actively promote B.C./local food within their institutions and beyond to inspire and grow new opportunities and awareness.