Prepare agriculture operations for wildfire

Last updated on September 1, 2023

Fire is a common threat for agricultural operations in British Columbia. Learn more about how to be prepared for wildfires if you work in B.C.’s agricultural industry.

Prepare your operation for wildfires

Improve your operation’s resilience to wildfires

Develop an evacuation plan for farmworkers on-site

Understand the health and safety risks from wildfires

Access resources to reduce farm worker exposure to health hazards during a wildfire.

Set-up Premises Identification

Premises Identification (ID) information is used to plan for and manage emergencies affecting livestock. The Premises ID program improves the ministry's ability to:

  • notify animal owners
  • contain pest and animal disease outbreaks
  • respond to natural disasters like floods or fires

B.C. poultry and livestock owners and commingling site operators must register. There is no cost to take part in the program. Learn more about Premises ID or register your premises.

Wildfire forecasting and tracking

The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS)  leads wildfire management in B.C. Get information on current wildfire activity in B.C.:

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