Canada-BC Agri-Innovation

Innovation means the development of promising "new to B.C.” agriculture and agrifood products, practices, processes or technologies that might be adopted or commercialized by the sector.

The Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program is designed to accelerate the pace of agrifood related innovation to enhance the sector's competitiveness, sustainability, productivity and resiliency.

Eligible activities

Innovation funding supports projects related to:

  1. Research and development: late-stage research projects that develop innovative products, practices, processes and technologies with the potential to move to the pilot or demonstration stage within two years.
  2. Pilot and demonstration: projects that focus on testing or demonstrating pre-commercial products, processes, practices or technologies from around the world.  Projects should result in market-ready solutions ready for commercialization or adoption by the sector.
  3. Commercialization and adoption: projects support activities that reduce the financial and business risks associated with early-stage commercialization and adoption of innovative products, processes, practices and technologies.

Priority for funding will be given to five areas of activity identified to advance innovation and competitiveness in B.C.

  • Advancements in plant, animal and food science
  • Energy and waste management
  • New product development and commercialization
  • Improvements in soil, water and air quality
  • Climate change adaptation

Eligible recipients

  • B.C. agrifood sector producers and processors
  • Industry associations/organizations
  • Retail and food service businesses
  • Input, technology and support services providers
  • Academic institutions and/or other organizations and private sector businesses
  • Regional districts and local governments

Applicant organizations must have a head office or be registered to do business in B.C.

Application instructions


Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Government of British Columbia

Government of Canada