Emergency management for agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture has a legislative requirement to have plans and procedures in place in the event of an emergency or disaster. The Ministry is the designated lead provincial agency for responding to animal diseases, plant diseases and plant pests. For all other types of hazards that may impact the agricultural sector, including natural disasters, the Ministry provides a supporting role in responding to these emergencies. The Ministry of Agriculture follows the B.C. Emergency Management System (BCEMS), which includes the Prevention/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery phases of emergency management.

Emergency response planning

Emergency management is a shared responsibility across all levels of government who need to have plans in place for responding to emergencies that affect their areas of jurisdiction. Learn more about the roles agricultural producers and governments play during an emergency response:

Business insurance and risk management

The farm manager is responsible for understanding the risks they are exposed to. Emergencies and disasters can result in substantial material losses. Learn about the programs that can help protect agricultural producers against the financial impact of a disaster:

Animal disease

Livestock animal diseases can have devastating impacts on producers, their livestock, the economy, and in some cases may also pose a threat to human health.  Learn more about potential hazards and emergency response below:


Fire is a common threat for farms and ranches in British Columbia. Learn more about current wildfires, provincial danger ratings and forest restrictions, and how to protect your operations and stay safe during wildfire season:

Freshet and flood

Spring freshet and other types of flooding that can occur throughout the year pose a threat to those agricultural operations located in flood plains and low-lying areas.  Learn how to prepare for a flood, protect your farm, respond, and stay safe during a flood:

Livestock relocation

Relocation of livestock may be necessary in the event of an emergency. Learn about the role of Local Authorities and First Nations during emergency response, as well as planning for evacuation, provincial reimbursement for relocation costs, and qualifying for other designated response costs: