Physician Compensation

There are two main physician compensation models in B.C: fee-for-service and the Alternative Payment program. Physicians can also receive funding through rural practice programs, which focus on recruiting and retaining physicians in rural practice, and through the Medical On-Call Availability program, which compensates physicians for being on call.

Alternative Payments Program

The Alternative Payments program works with and funds health authorities to improve service delivery and patients’ access to services through alternative physician compensation models to fee-for service.

Rural Practice Programs

Rural Practice Programs work with health authorities and other partners to address issues, and develop policy and programs to improve health services in rural areas of the province. Rural Practice Programs manages a number of programs such as the Rural Retention program and programs under the Subsidiary Agreement for Physicians in Rural Practice.

Medical On-Call Availability Program

The Medical On-Call/Availability Program (MOCAP) compensates physicians who are part of a call rotation (or physician group) for providing new or unassigned patients requiring emergency care with continuous coverage that meets the standards of care as a minimum requirement of response to emergency on call.