Diagnostic Services

Laboratory Services

In British Columbia, laboratory services are administered under the Laboratory Services Act and provided in approved laboratory facilities in both community and hospital settings. A laboratory facility is defined asa part of a hospital that provides laboratory services, a facility that provides laboratory services or a specimen collection station that is associated with a hospital or facility.” 

For information on laboratory services including important announcements, service categories and fee items, policies and guidelines, the Laboratory Services Payment Schedule, schedules of benefits for referring practitioners, facility approval applications and operator payment administration forms, please see:  www.bccss.org/clinical-services/bcaplm.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services in British Columbia are administered under the Medicare Protection Act.

Outpatient diagnostic services are provided in approved facilities in both community and hospital settings.  A diagnostic facility is defined as “a facility, place or office principally equipped for prescribed diagnostic services, studies or procedures, and includes any branches of a diagnostic facility.”

Approval for facilities to bill the Medical Services Plan for services is the responsibility of the Medical Services Commission, and its Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities.

To learn more about diagnostic services including: important announcements; service categories and fee items; policies and guidelines; how to apply for facility approval; and more, please see: www.gov.bc.ca/diagnosticfacilities.