PharmaCare for B.C. Residents

PharmaCare is British Columbia’s publicly funded program that helps B.C. residents pay for some:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Medical supplies
  • Pharmacy services

For most PharmaCare plans, you must be actively enrolled in the Medical Services Plan of B.C. (MSP).

Fair PharmaCare

The Fair PharmaCare plan is based on income: the lower your income, the more help you get.

Fair PharmaCare is for all B.C. residents, and you are encouraged to register.

There are no premiums to pay. You can register online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Register for Fair PharmaCare You can also register by phone or by mailing in a paper form.

PharmaCare plans


Are you a health care professional?

See our dedicated web pages for:

Learn about:

Note: Some pharmacies are not enrolled in the PharmaCare program. PharmaCare cannot help you pay for drugs and supplies you buy at these pharmacies. Your purchases won’t count towards your deductible.


PharmaNet: prescription records

Every prescription dispensed in any B.C. community pharmacy is recorded in PharmaNet.

To see a record of your filled prescriptions, visit Health Gateway.

You can also order a copy of your health records. Learn more about PharmaNet.

Do you want to be a PharmaCare provider?



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