PharmaCare for B.C. Residents

BC PharmaCare helps B.C. residents with the cost of eligible prescription drugs, certain medical supplies, and pharmacy services. It provides assistance through several drug plans. The largest is the income-based Fair PharmaCare plan.

What is PharmaCare?

Find out who and what PharmaCare covers.

Who We Cover

PharmaCare covers eligible prescription drugs and medical supplies through several drug plans. The largest is the income-based Fair PharmaCare plan.

For most PharmaCare plans, you must be actively enrolled in the Medical Services Plan of B.C. (MSP). General coverage policies apply to all PharmaCare plans.

Once you have PharmaCare coverage, any portion of your prescription cost covered by PharmaCare is calculated at the time of purchase. At the pharmacy, you pay only the costs PharmaCare does not cover.

What We Cover

BC PharmaCare covers a comprehensive list of drugs as well as certain medical supplies and pharmacy services.

See also Examples of Items/Services that PharmaCare Does Not Cover including Pharmacies Not Enrolled in the PharmaCare Program or Enrolled with Limits and Conditions.


Every prescription dispensed in any B.C. community pharmacy is recorded in PharmaNet. The information in PharmaNet can be used by pharmacies and authorized health professionals in medical practices, hospitals, and emergency departments to improve drug safety for patients and support timely, accurate treatment.

Publications, Reports, and Information Sheets for Patients and Researchers

PharmaCare offers a wealth of publications for individuals, health care providers, manufacturers and researchers. You can also access the forms required for coverage under the Fair PharmaCare plan or for specific drugs that require PharmaCare's pre-approval.

Contact Us

Health Insurance BC administers the Ministry of Health's PharmaCare program. Health Insurance BC can answer your questions about both the Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare.