Medical Devices and Supplies Coverage

In addition to a broad range of drugs, PharmaCare covers approved prosthetic and orthotic devices, ostomy supplies, and insulin pumps and supplies for eligible B.C. residents.


PharmaCare covers limb, breast, ocular, nasal, and ear prostheses needed to attain or maintain basic functionality.


For patients age 18 or younger, PharmaCare covers custom orthoses, worn full-time, needed to attain or maintain basic functionality or to prevent future deformity. This includes plagiocephaly helmets for infants.

Ostomy Supplies

PharmaCare covers ostomy supplies for patients who have undergone bowel or bladder surgery that results in a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, requiring an external pouch.

Diabetes Management Supplies

For people with diabetes, PharmaCare covers:

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