Setting Up a Group Plan

Residents of British Columbia are required, by law, to enroll themselves and their family members with the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Many employers, unions, pension plans, etc., administer a group plan for their members. It is not, however, mandatory to do so.

MSP is prepaid plan with rates that are subject to change. Cost sharing arrangements are a private matter between the employer and the employee.

Premium assistance is offered based on financial need to persons who for the last 12 consecutive months have been resident in Canada and been a Canadian citizen or holder of permanent resident status (landed immigrant). Information about, and application for, premium assistance are available under the B.C. Residents section of this website.

Terms and Conditions

If you want to administer MSP benefits for your members, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Complete and sign a Third Party Registration form. Incomplete forms will be returned.
  2. Have each employee (minimum of two required) complete an Application for Group Enrolment, paying particular attention to the residency requirements for benefits. The STATUS IN CANADA section must be completed for all persons listed on the application.
  3. Submit the above to Health Insurance BC, to the attention of New Company Registration.

When the above-mentioned are received and approved, Health Insurance BC will assign you a group number. Health Insurance BC will also send out a letter confirming registration, along with information on how to access the Group Procedure Guide and Group Forms online.

Each month an invoice will be issued showing the current premiums and adjustments, if any, for each applicant listed. Invoices must be paid in full by the due date.

Your group plan administrator is responsible for notifying Health Insurance BC of any changes to those covered under the group plan and Health Insurance BC assumes no responsibility for the failure of the administrator to do so. To retain eligibility, a minimum of two members with active MSP coverage, who are not in the same family structure, must be maintained at all times.

After you are registered we recommend that you sign up for MSP Direct, a business service that allows group administrators to make on-line adjustments on behalf of their members.