Cancelling Members' Benefits

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production and distribution of Employee Record Cards (ERCs) has been temporarily discontinued by Health Insurance BC (HIBC). This change protects your group members’ personal information and allows HIBC to adapt to the continually evolving demands of the COVID-19 situation.

Confirmation of any changes to your MSP Group Plan membership will continue to be provided via the monthly Group Account Change Summary letter. If needed, a listing of all MSP Group Plan members is available upon written request to HIBC. 

New group changes and cancellations can continue to be submitted through existing paper forms, available at Forms for Group Plan Administrators. MSP Direct also remains available as an online resource for MSP Group Plans to update and monitor their membership. More information is available at MSP Direct.

Note: If your organization has alternative or remote working arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic, please ensure that HIBC has an accurate address for MSP Group Plan correspondence.

Group enrolment is cancelled on the last day of the month; however, if a member leaves before becoming eligible, his/her group coverage can be cancelled as of the effective date. Medical Services Plan (MSP) requires the reason for cancellation, the person’s current address and, if the person has moved outside British Columbia (B.C.), the date of the move.

If an Employee Record Card (ERC) is not available, Health Insurance BC (HIBC) requires a Coverage Cancellation form or list quoting your group number, the employee’s account number and name, and all the information requested on the ERC.

Two Month Rule Limit

Retroactive cancellations are allowed up to a maximum of two months including the current month. For example, if a cancellation request is received during December, groups can ask for cancellation retroactive to October 31.

Duplicate Coverage

If advised that duplicate MSP coverage has occurred, HIBC can cancel retroactive to the date the duplication began to a maximum of five years.

Members Transferring Between Groups/Departments

Administrators who have more than one group account and who transfer members from one account to another can do so without completing applications for enrolment and ERCs. Please contact HIBC for details.

When Group Enrolment Ends

Group administrators are asked to ensure that members are:

  • aware of the date their group account will be cancelled; and,
  • provided with an End of Group Plan Coverage Notice

The member does not need to reapply to MSP. We will automatically set up a self-administered account for him/her and any dependents.

Exception: If the member has a temporary immigration document, the member must contact HIBC to arrange further coverage.

Coverage for Dependents of a Deceased Beneficiary

When a group member dies, the surviving spouse and children will be placed automatically on a new self-administered account. If it is preferable they remain as group members, they can apply through the group to be enrolled under a new group account.