MSP Direct

MSP Direct is an online business service, authorized by the Ministry of Health, that allows group plan administrators to do a number of adjustments to their group members' account. Administrators are able to add and remove employees and their dependents from MSP group accounts through electronic means. Administrators can also quickly retrieve and update an employee's or dependent's information.

Purpose of Service

From 6:00am - 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday to Friday, MSP group administrators are able to update MSP accounts online, for example:

  • Add and remove employees and dependents from their MSP group accounts
  • Retrieve and update the MSP addresses of their employees
  • Record documentation required to prove an employee's eligibility for health care benefits
  • Confirm that the personal health number (PHN) that they have for a person is correct
  • Reduce processing times for employers to register and terminate employer benefits for their employees
  • Provide one point for collection and maintenance of MSP group accounts

Prerequisites for Service

To qualify and register for this service:

  1. A web browser with a cipher strength of 128-bit.
  2. Internet Explorer (v 6.0 or higher) with default settings is the recommended standard.
  3. Register for MSP coverage maintenance (MSP Direct) online.
  4. Complete and sign Confidentiality Undertaking (PDF, 37KB).
  5. Install a ministry issued digital certificate, as described in the Access Administrator's Guide (PDF, 730KB).

Business Services

The available business services are described below:

  • PHN Inquiry - Confirm that an employee's PHN is correct and that the employee is a beneficiary
  • PHN Lookup - Find PHN of employee and/or dependent
  • Add Employee - Ann  new employee and employee's dependents to an MSP group account
  • Add Employee Dependent - Add spouse or child to an eixsting employee's MSP group account
  • Add Visa Resident - Enrol internatinal students holding valid study permits
  • Cancel Employee - Cancel employee from the MSP group account
  • Cancel Employee's Dependent - Cancel spouse or child from employee's MSP group account
  • Get Contract Periods - Allows the group administrator to confirm details of an employee's MSP contract
  • Reinstate Cancelled Group Coverage - Remove a cancellation date and leave MSP group coverage intact
  • Renew Cancelled Group Coverage - Start a new MSP coverage period
  • Update Employee Number and/or Department Number - Update employee number or department recorded for an employee
  • Get Employee Contract Address - Allows the group administrator to retrieve the MSP addreses of their employees
  • Update Employee Contract Address - Update the home or mailing address, and/or telephone number of an employee's MSP account

Person Demographic business services for health authorities only include:

  • Record Death - Cancel MSP enrolment for a deceased employee or dependent
  • Record Document - Used to record verification of identity
  • Validate Address - Validate any Canadian address against Canada Post Corporation compliance standards. Group administrator can also verify or obtain correct addresses and postal codes.

For all other personal information changes (e.g., name changes), please use a Group Change Request from for this purpose.

Due to changes in B.C. legislation, which were in response to the US Patriot Act, we are prohibited from releasing personal information outside of Canada. Therefore, we are unable to set up any  new clients outside of Canada with access to MSP Direct.  If you have any further questions, please all our Helpdesk at 250 952-1234 or toll free 1 888 764-2323.

Registering for and maintaining MSP Direct Access

New Organization

Existing Organization

Existing organizations can use the following form to:

  • Add/Delete/Edit MSP Users
  • Add/Delete/Edit MSP Groups
  • Changes to an Organization
  • Changes to the Access Administrator
  • Changes to the Signing Authority


For further information or support, please contact the Ministry of Health Helpdesk:

In Victoria: 250 952-1234
Toll-free: 1 888 764-2323