Cancelling Your Group Plan

Cancelling a Medical Services Plan (MSP) Group Plan is a significant undertaking which must be carefully considered. For over 40 years, MSP Groups have worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance BC (HIBC) to manage the coverage of members and dependents. MSP Group Administrators help to provide current demographic, address, and family structure information in the MSP system of record. Groups may take advantage of supported technical interfaces to facilitate their efforts, including MSP Direct.

Required Documentation

If your organization has determined that its MSP Group(s) will be cancelled, detailed preparation by your Group Administrator is required. This begins with the submission of the HLTH 295 MSP Group Plan Termination Request to HIBC, with at least 90 days’ notice.

Group Responsibilities

In addition to providing formal notification to HIBC, Group Administrators are also required to inform third-party organizations, technical interface providers (as appropriate), and their group members of this change. Prior to cancellation, Group Administrators are expected to consult with members to confirm that all address and family structure information in MSP is correct and current.

For more information, and steps to cancel an MSP Group Plan, please refer to the HLTH 295 MSP Group Plan Termination Request. Allow at least 90 days for this process, to provide your Group Administrators and members’ sufficient time to prepare.

After Termination

Once all of the required steps have been completed, your MSP Group Plan will be cancelled on the last day of the specified month. HIBC will then move all members to self-administered accounts. To help inform your members, please provide your group members with the HLTH 1904: End of Group Coverage Notice at least 30 days prior to cancellation.

Care and attention from your MSP Group Administrator will ensure that this change is seamless for group members and their families.

Retroactive Account Adjustments

After the termination of your MSP Group Plan, your group may choose to allow retroactive account adjustments for your members. If you allow retroactive account adjustments, you may receive a new debit or credit for a period in which your group existed and premiums were charged. For any retroactive account adjustments:

  • You must manage these requests individually by submitting the HLTH 170: Group Change Request form to HIBC; and
  • You must continue to maintain your MSP Group Plan contact information with HIBC.