NRM SDLC - Application Transition to Operations

To ensure the success in transitioning applications and services into operational support, coordination is required between the project team and operational subject matter experts to identify transition requirements and confirm delivery.

The Transition to Operations Checklist is provided to guide and document completion of key transition deliverables outlined in the SDLC as well as other pertinent activities and artifacts relating to a product’s successful deployment into IIT environments and operational support. 

The objective of this document is to inform project teams of IIT operational team needs as well as provide risk identification and assessment regarding any unspecified, incomplete or missing transition acceptance criteria and/or operational support requirements.


The Transition to Operations Checklist is initiated by the Project Manager or those with project manager like responsibility. A coordinated effort between project teams and IIT operations/advisory teams is required to complete a review process of the documented deliverables.

The recommendations outlined in this document will form the basis of product acceptance into operational support.


NRM Transition to Operations Checklist

Deliverable Requisite

Completion of the Transition to Operations Checklist is mandatory for all projects for all projects that have (or are intended to have) ongoing operational support of an application/product provided through IIT beyond project close.


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