NRM SDLC - Requirements

Requirements is the necessity to clearly document what the business needs are in order to design an appropriate solution.


Requirements Quality Assurance (Mandatory)

Requirements review is reviewing the requirements and making sure the appropriate stakeholders are in agreement to proceed based on the requirements.

The project manager is responsible for making sure stakeholders have had an opportunity to review the requirements and have agreed the project can continue.

A Financial Risk and Control Review must be conducted for any system that records financial transactions.

If the application will contain financial transactions, a Financial Risk and Controls Review must be conducted which requires involvement of Ministry of Finance resources and verifies that Chapter 13 of core policy is being followed.

Standards / Guidelines


There is no template currently available.

Deliverable Requisite

The Deliverable is optional for all project complexities unless the system contains financial transactions.


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A Records Impact Analysis (RIA) provides a structured manner of identifying the records that are used as inputs to the system and records and reports generated from the system.

The RIA will identify the records, their appropriate classification and retention along with the Officer of Primary Responsibility (OPR) and media format. The Records Impact Analysis is drafted during the Initiation phase and is finalized in the Build phase.

The draft Records Impact Assessment must be completed for all initiatives to fully identify the classifications and resulting retention periods for the records related to the application.

The RIA will also identify if there is a need for the development of additional classifications using an Information System Overview (ISO) analysis.


Government wide standards for the records management are included in Chapter 12 of the Policy and Procedures Manual and addressed in detail in the Recorded Information Management Manual.

The standard is to use the template below to complete a Records Impact Assessment document, and if requirement, an Information Systems Overview.


Deliverable Requisite

A Records Impact Assessment is mandatory for all project complexity levels.


There is no sample currently availabl