NRM SDLC - Build

Build is module development and the implementation of the developed components into a Delivery environment.

Project teams generate DDL scripts from a variety of tools, which may also require some minimal manual clean up prior to use. Scripts should match the target environment database.


The deployment plan documents the detailed steps and sequencing of activities and tasks needed to deliver the project into an operational production environment or state. For IM/IT projects delivering to the Natural Resource Sector Integrated Systems and Service Strategy (ISSS) environment, this would include the integration, test, and production environments.

The NRS Technical Change and Release Committee (TCRMC) is in place to support the authorization of technical changes and to assist change management in the assessment and prioritization of changes. TCRMC reviews and approves technical releases being deployed into all environments. A request for change (RFC) process guides the deployment process and activities.

The project manager or business portfolio manager is responsible for obtaining agreement about the deployments from the business area and stakeholders, engaging with the required technical teams at appropriate times, and to complete required documentation including requests for change and deployment.


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Deliverable Requisite

The requirement for this deliverable will be determined with the project management office.


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