NRM SDLC - Build

Build is module development and the implementation of the developed components into a Delivery environment.

The Information, Innovation and Technology (IIT) Division manages and supports the technology used in the Natural Resource Ministries, including assessing, coordinating and deploying new technologies or changes to existing technology into all environments.

The Technical Change and Release Management Committee (TCRMC) oversees the Technical Change and Release Management (TCRM) standards, procedures, and workflows for authorizing changes to each technical environment.



NRM Standard for TCRM (PDF 175KB)


Supporting Documentation

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Deliverable Requisite

TCRM Compliance Requirements:

  • All development teams must use the IIT instance of JIRA (IMBJIRA) to complete the required processes.
  • All development teams must use these three processes unless given exemption from the TCRM committee.
    • Request For Change (RFC)
    • Request For Deployment (RFD)
    • Deployment Process (RFD Sub-Tasks)

Exceptions are rare and may be granted by the TCRMC. Contact either the Technical Change Manager or Release Manager to be added to the monthly meeting agenda.

Project teams generate DDL scripts from a variety of tools, which may also require some minimal manual clean up prior to use. Scripts should match the target environment database.