ARCS, Human Resource Management

Section 5 of ARCS covers records relating to human resource (HR) management activities performed by provincial government ministries and agencies that use the HR services of the British Columbia Public Service Agency (BCPSA) and the payroll services of TELUS Sourcing Solutions (TSS)-BC. This includes records relating to: employee supervision, leave and time reporting, job description preparation, job classification requests, staffing and recruitment, employer-employee relations, ministry recognition programs, occupational safety and health activities, and ministry training course development and delivery.

Agencies with their own internal human resources and payroll services should use the Human Resources ARCS Supplement (HRAS) (PDF). The exceptions are BC Emergency Health Services and Liquor Distribution Branch, who should use the Emergency Health Services ARCS Supplement (PDF) and the Liquor Distribution ARCS Supplement (PDF). Agencies must be registered to use HRAS. For guidance, please contact your Records Officer.

Primary Numbers 1300 - 1999