1480 - Employer-employee Relations

Records relating to employer-employee relations within ministries.  This includes ministry-specific strike contingency planning, the determination of essential service levels in the event of job action, and the resolution of disputes, complaints, and misunderstandings with employees, including those that are subject to the grievance procedures in the collective agreement or covered by policy directives (e.g., the dispute resolution process for excluded employees and discrimination and personal and sexual harassment complaints).

Record types include correspondence, forms, reports, and plans.

NOTE:  The official labour relations and formal complaint and dispute resolution files are held by the BC Public Service Agency (BCPSA).  Agencies with their own internal human resources services should use the Human Resource ARCS Supplement (HRAS), the Emergency Health Services ARCS Supplement, or the Liquor Distribution ARCS Supplement.  Agencies must be registered to use HRAS.  For guidance, please contact your Records Officer.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE 

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR  
  A SA FD  
1480-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE  
1480-01 General CY+1y nil DE  
1480-02 Strike planning SO nil DE  
1480-03 Essential service planning SO nil DE  
1480-04 Collective bargaining preparation SO nil DE  
1480-20 Dispute/complaint resolution files
(covers individual grievance files and hours of work - umpire’s report)
(arrange by employee surname) SO = upon resolution of dispute or complaint, and when no longer required by manager/supervisor
7y = The six-year limitation period specified in the Limitation Act (RSBC 1996, c. 266, s. 3) serves as the guideline in establishing the semi-active retention period for these files.
NOTE:  This secondary covers misunderstandings, complaints and disputes resolved by manager/supervisors or other responsible ministry officials, and may include copies of records relating to grievances and other disputes and complaints handled by BCPSA.
The collective agreement provides for grievance procedures for bargaining unit employees with respect to "grievable" disputes (e.g., discipline or discharge of a bargaining unit employee by the employer or from a disagreement over interpretation of some part of the collective agreement). If the grievable dispute cannot be resolved orally with the employee’s supervisor (step 1), the employee may submit a formal written grievance through the union to the employer’s authorized representative (step 2). Step 2 grievances, as well as grievance arbitrations are handled by BCPSA.

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