1550 - Leave & Time Reporting

Records relating to reporting and approving employee attendance.

Most BC Government employees report their time worked and leave taken on an automated time and leave reporting system.  However, paper timesheets and leave forms may be used for employees with irregular work schedules (e.g., shift or on call workers) and electronic forms are used to approve employee additions to base pay after the payroll deadline.

Record types include correspondence, forms, reports, and copies of timesheets and leave forms.

NOTE:  The official employee pay files and leave and time reporting records are held by TELUS Sourcing Solutions (TSS)-BC.  Agencies with their own internal human resources services should use the Human Resource ARCS Supplement (HRAS), the Emergency Health Services ARCS Supplement, or the Liquor Distribution ARCS Supplement.  Agencies must be registered to use HRAS.  For guidance, please contact your Records Officer.

For gross pay over $10,000 reports, see primary 1100.
For payroll expenditure reports, see primary 1100.
For recovery of salary dollars from employee transfers, see primary 1190.
For write-offs of uncollectible salary overpayments, see primary 935.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR  
  A SA FD  
1550-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE  
1550-01 General CY+1y nil DE  
1550-30 Branch or field office leave/time reporting files
(arrange by employee surname)
SO = when no longer required by current manager/ supervisor
NOTE:  For administrative convenience, these records may be classified on the relevant branch employee file under secondary 1385-20, rather than under this secondary.

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