1310 - Awards & Recognition

Records relating to programs that award and recognize employee contributions to improvements in service, operations, and the work environment.

Record types include correspondence, applications, evaluation and approval forms, and reports.

NOTE:  This primary is designed for ministries and agencies that participate in employee recognition programs developed and administered by the BC Public Service Agency (BCPSA).  Agencies with their own internal human resources services should use the Human Resource ARCS Supplement (HRAS), the Emergency Health Services ARCS Supplement, or the Liquor Distribution ARCS Supplement.  Agencies must be registered to use HRAS.  For guidance, please contact your Records Officer.

For ceremony planning, see secondary 220-20.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE 

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR  
  A SA FD  
1310-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE  
1310-01 General CY+1y nil DE  
1310-05 Award and recognition program information files
(arrange by program if volume warrants) NOTE:  This secondary covers general information about BCPSA developed award programs (e.g., Premier’s Innovation and Excellence Awards, Improvement Awards, Staff Appreciation Awards, Long Service Awards, Public Service Week) as well as ministry-specific recognition programs (e.g., five-year service recognition awards and ministry receptions in support of the Long Service Awards Program).
SO nil DE  
1310-50 Award and recognition applicant/recipient files
(arrange by program and/or employee, if volume warrants) SO = when decision is rendered, and if relevant, upon conclusion of appeal periods and appeals
NOTE:  Improvement Awards Program (IAP) decisions may be appealed to the IAP program manager within 90 days of the decision.  Employees retain the right to recognition for their IAP ideas for one year after receiving notice that their ideas are declined.
SO+1y nil DE PIB

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