1360 - Job Description & Classification

Records relating to the preparation of job descriptions, as well the submission of position classification and reclassification requests, including classification appeals to the BC Public Service Agency (BCPSA).

Ministry managers are responsible for defining their employees’ duties and responsibilities in job descriptions and submitting approved job descriptions for classification to BCPSA.  BCPSA is the office of record for approved, signed job descriptions.

Record types include correspondence, job descriptions, job evaluation plans, benchmarks, appeal notices, and forms.

NOTE:  This primary is designed for ministries and agencies that use the classification services provided by BCPSA.  Agencies with their own internal human resources services should use the Human Resource ARCS Supplement (HRAS), the Emergency Health Services ARCS Supplement, or the Liquor Distribution ARCS Supplement.  Agencies must be registered to use HRAS.  For guidance, please contact your Records Officer.

For the delegation of classification authority, see primary 265.
For ministry organization, see primary 105.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
1360-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
1360-01 General CY+1y nil DE
1360-04 Job classification research files
(includes job evaluation plans and benchmarks)
NOTE:  This secondary includes relevant job evaluation plans (also known as classification plans) and benchmarks obtained from BCPSA, and may include the research and rationale behind the ministry’s classification and reclassification requests and classification appeal submissions.
SO nil DE
1360-20 Job description and classification/appeal files
(formerly known as position history files)
(arrange by position or generic job title)
SR = The government archives will selectively retain position history files because they document functions and activities of positions in the civil service and contribute to an understanding of how the functions of the government are carried out.
Files closed prior to the creation of the BCPSA on April 1, 2003 will be selectively retained by retaining generic job descriptions of operational positions, and generic descriptions of significant administrative positions.   Files that document other administrative positions and individual job classification/appeal files will be destroyed.  As well, all files classified under this secondary since April 1, 2003 will be destroyed because they duplicate information retained from the BCPSA.
NOTE:  Although certain positions may be delegated to senior ministry/agency managers for classification approval, approved, signed job descriptions are sent to BCPSA for filing on the position files.
SO nil SR

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