Wellknown Formulas

Wellknown Formulas (WKC) specialize in the production, export, and distribution of North American natural health products.Wellknown Formulas image 2017

The company’s vision of ‘people back to nature and natural products helping people naturally’ perfectly illustrates their vision. They offer two main categories of products available for export, namely Nutraceutical and Sport Nutrition products. These include over 50 product licenses issued by Health Canada and over 100 private labels.

WKC’s mission is to help people around the world access quality Canadian natural health products at an affordable price. They take pride in their international network and look forward to growing their network by connecting directly with end users and distributors from around the world.

Registered in British Columbia in 2009, Wellknown Formulas has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of licensed Natural Health Products over the years. Their high-quality products are trusted by customers and recommended by Naturopathic Physicians, Nutritionists, and Sport Trainers from all around the world.