Wellknown Formulas

Wellknown Formulas Ltd. (WKC) specialize in the production, export and distribution of North American natural health products.

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The company produces and distributes natural health products and pharmaceutical raw materials to regions that have trouble accessing these products, including the Middle East, North Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States. WKC is committed to providing an exclusive service and competitive pricing, along with fast delivery and guaranteed, secure financial transactions.

The company offers an extensive range of products for export, branded with names that speak to their ingredients or function, including:dandelion; effervescent tablets; garcinia cambogia; healthy heart capsules; hair, skin, and nail (B Complex); horse chestnut ; liver protector; men’s formula; multiwell plus iron; prenatal multivitamin; prostate formula; sleep calming formula; stomach formula; stress support day; super sleep; super-vision; and many more.

Established in 2009 in Richmond, WKC is the fifth member of a fast growing international group of companies providing contract manufacturing, export, and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Their sister company Well Known General Trading LLC is strategically located in Dubai, U.A.E., to provide a strong backbone for logistics and financial transactions. Their reputation and network has attracted many partners that proudly work under their brand name in their home countries, such as Malaysia and Turkmenistan.