Herbaland Naturals

Herbaland Naturals Inc. (Herbaland) is one of Canada’s leading producers of gummy supplements, manufacturing award-winning natural health products.

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The company is committed to developing the highest quality natural health products available that are safe, effective and convenient, through use of innovative technology and formulations. They manufacture an extensive range of natural health products, with a specialized focus on gummy supplements produced without starch.

Herbaland creates gummy products tailored to children, men and women, such as their Herbaland sugar free multivitamins & minerals gummy, and also offers a pure gummy line, which includes products such as the pure cog gummy that promotes brain functioning and the pure flex gummy for joint health. In addition to their gummy lines, Herbaland manufactures supplements in tablet, capsule and liquid forms, such as their Herbaland bee propolis spray. Products are designed to offer a range of benefits that support vision, digestive health, weight management and other health concerns.

All products contain no artificial additives or GMO ingredients, and Herbaland produces vegan and sugar-free products for customers with special dietary requirements.

The company operates under strict government guidelines to ensure that products conform to the highest safety standards, with extensive quality control measures in place, including auditing suppliers and third party testing. Herbaland holds a Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practices site license for natural health products, and their plant is certified Halal and Kosher.

Established in 2009 in Richmond, Herbaland is now sold in more than 25 countries. The company has implemented energy saving and waste management programs, and ensures that suppliers work with ethically sourced, Fair Trade and sustainable or renewable materials. The company also supports local community and charity fundraising efforts.