SmartPep Canada Biological Technology

SmartPEP Canada Biological Technology (SmartPEP) is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality natural health ingredients.

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The company specializes in sourcing raw natural ingredients and superfoods for health-focused business partners, bringing innovative ideas to life with smart solution. All products are subject to rigorous research and development, to ensure superior products with great taste and quality.

SmartPEP also produces its own brand of natural health products called Natrihealth, including several collagen supplements that use tripeptide technology. This collagen comes from fish and is easier to absorb than the typical mass-produced chicken or beef collagen supplements. The Natrihealth line includes products such as: gelatinized black maca powder; wild organically grown chaga; moringa; golfooter; bergamot extract; and gounatri. All products are processed in a facility using Good Manufacturing Practices and Certificates of Analysis to ensure food safety, and are registered with Health Canada through an approved Natural Product Number.

The company was established in Richmond in 2013. Their founder worked as a medical doctor in China for 10 years. After observing the way many medications only treated symptoms, not the underlying causes, she became interested in traditional Chinese medicine and natural ways to prevent illness. SmartPEP was founded with the goal of helping people stay off prescription medications by using a functional and holistic nutritional approach. The company works to source ingredients from sustainable suppliers wherever possible.