SmartPep (Canada) Biological Technology Research Ltd

SmartPEP is a leading Canadian Protein Hydrolysates (Peptides) research and development biotech company located in Richmond, B.C.SmartPep Canada

SmartPEP was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping people stay off prescription medications by using a functional and holistic nutritional approach. The company has worked in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) on developing a novel proprietary food-derived peptide extraction technology and on Bioprocess Development towards the Full Utilization of Flaxseed Meal for Flax Gum and Protein Hydrolysates. They are the leading Canadian Protein Hydrolysates (Peptides) research and Development company.

SmartPEP believes that partnership and collaboration are keys to success. They can offer extensive support for your health ideas; give them your innovative thoughts and they can provide a solution. Over the years, they have appreciated and cherished the link to their global partners. SmartPEP is proud to offer high quality ingredients and take their raw materials seriously. Rising consumer awareness and needs have led to demands for quality and new-to-the-market ingredients.

Some of SmartPEP’s high quality ingredients include, Marine Collagen peptides powder and Plant-Based peptide powders that are the best one-stop solution for your brand building ingredients.