SmartPep Canada Biological Technology

SmartPEP Canada Biological Technology (SmartPEP) is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality natural health ingredients.

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SmartPEP is a B.C.-based biotech company specializing in vegetable protein hydrolysates (peptides) R&D. The company produces its own brand of natural products called NATRIHEALTH, including several collagen supplements that use Tripeptide technology. This collagen comes from fish and is easier to absorb than the typical mass-produced chicken or beef collagen supplements. The Natrihealth line of products available for export include: Meno Peptide, Women's Vitality, Men's Vitality, Collagen Peptide Blueberry Antioxidants, Bergamont Extract and Gounatri.

All SmartPEP products are registered with Natural Product Numbers issued by Health Canada, and are processed in a facility using Good Manufacturing Practices and Certificates of Analysis to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. The company works to source ingredients from sustainable suppliers wherever possible, and its products are certified organic and Non-GMO verified.

Originally established in 2013, SmartPEP was founded with the goal of helping people stay off prescription medications by using a functional and holistic nutritional approach. The company has worked in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) on developing a novel proprietary food-derived peptide extraction technology and on Bioprocess Development towards the Full Utilization of Flaxseed Meal for Flax Gum and Protein Hydrolysates.