SierraSil Health Inc

SierraSil Health Inc. (SierraSil) creates health products that treat inflammation using a unique mineral complex.

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All of the company’s products contain the active ingredient SierraSil, a clay-mineral that aids in calming inflammation, easing joint and muscle aches, and reducing cartilage breakdown. Based on clinical research studies, SierraSil is guaranteed to reduce pain and stiffness within the first two weeks of use. SierraSil has benefited many, including seniors looking to maintain mobility and independence, adults seeking to better enjoy activity, and athletes seeking reduced delayed onset muscle soreness.

The company manufactures a number of products using this ingredient, including: Joint Formula14, their signature SierraSil product, which is free of banned substances as listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency; Joint Formula Curcumin, which also includes Meriva® Curcumin, offering natural relief from joint pain; and Leaps and Bounds Soft Dog Chews, which provide the benefits of SierraSil to dogs.

SierraSil is mined in a remote area, away from industrial or agricultural activity, and free from any airborne or ground sourced pollutants. It is is mineral-based, requiring no pesticides, fertilizers or solvents in its production. It is also BC Kosher certified and produced entirely within North America. It is thoroughly tested and third-party verified, with four levels of testing to ensure quality. SierraSil adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Practices protocols.

The company was established in 2003 in Vancouver. A gold prospector first discovered the unique mineral complex their product delivers in eastern slopes of the U.S. Sierra Mountains. After observing the impact it had on the health of grazing animals, he began testing its effects on domestic animals and people. One of those people was Peter Bentley, a Vancouver businessman who took control of the deposit, founded the company, and began manufacturing products in B.C. using this unique mineral. SierraSil remains a family owned and operated business, with Peter’s son Michael acting as CEO and President. The company donates to a number of charitable organizations, including the Canadian Liaison Forces Council and World Vision.