Sunmore Ginseng

Sunmore Healthtech Group manufactures a wide range of health products using North American ginseng.Sunmore Healthtech images

The company obtains and processes locally-grown North American ginseng root into a variety of powder, capsule, root slice, and whole root products. It also develops popular formulations like ginseng-infused local honey, tea, and mints. High purity and high quality are its passion: eliminating fillers, additives, caffeine and sugar allow the beneficial properties of North American ginseng to stand out.

Product safety is assured by certification with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices, and a Health Canada natural health product license which thoroughly monitors stability tests, bacteria reports and pesticide controls.

North American ginseng is said to have soothing and cooling effects on the body and helps the body and mind handle stress better. Over 3,500 clinical studies conducted worldwide have shown that North American ginseng can strengthen the digestive system, increase energy and stamina, combat atherosclerosis, rejuvenate the hormones produced by the endocrine system, normalize blood sugar, lessen the absorption and retention of “bad” cholesterol, and regulate blood pressure.

Sunmore Healthtech Group was founded in 1991 in Kamloops by Dr. Donna Chang, chairperson of Min-tong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. of Taiwan. She brings more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing Chinese herbal and western medicines. Dr. Chang, a Master Herbalist, recognized that Kamloops offers a desert climate and ideal soil for growing ginseng. Sunmore’s mission is to innovate with ginseng products using the latest technology to uphold the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.